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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Game Update

I did a few more tutorials and updated the game.

I managed to expand the map and get the camera to follow the player, eliminated the infinite jump and, in the process, accidentally developed a form of wall jumping.
There's no objective yet but I added a death and respawn function. 
Funny that getting the game to fail and restart is actually easier than just failing and coming to a game over screen. 
The result? Infinite lives.

I also threw in a few secrets and traps based on the low detail artwork.
I can see why so many people make rage games and troll games.
It's so easy to mess with the game mechanics by just turning things on and off.

I'm beginning to get a hang of mechanics and level design.
I'm thinking once I get all the bugs worked out, I might actually attempt to make a real game out of this using original ideas and graphics.



Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Cat Parkour

I've been delving into game design.
Made my first game the other day.

Very simple game. Takes about 30 seconds to play if you're REALLY ambitious
I'll be expanding upon it as I learn more.

Big thanks to "Let's Make A Game Together" for his "Unity Tutorial - 2D Side Scroller (Super Platformer Bros) Episode 1"
AbleGamesDev's "Unity 5 2d Animation Tutorial - Part 1" for the assets.


Saturday, January 6, 2018


It seems it's a common practice on for artists to put one of these up every year so I guess I'll throw my hat into the ring.

Wondering about February? Well, my birthday happens in February and that week "Super Schooled" got "THIS"  for an update.


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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Inktober 2017

Inspired by the release of both "Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 3" and the long-awaited "Cuphead", I decided to take part in my very first "Inktober Challenge" drawing everything in a 1920's Disneyfied early cartoon style.

I focussed on dark/creepy/scary themed ideas for Halloween and because gosh darn it so many of those old cartoons really were downright creepy. There was always another Skeleton, occultist, or mad scientist running around doing something crazy. Bendy had it pegged.

My own OC characters

Luigi's Mansion Gameplay

Vintage Batman Comicbook

What's scarier than TEEMO!

Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein

Mickey & Oswald from Epic Mickey

I take that back.
What's Scarier than KAZOO KID!

Jumpscares: Bendy Vs FNAF.




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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Felix the Cat Illustration.

Confession here: I have literally never drawn Felix in my life. I had to do a ton of visual research to get these characters right, not to mention the style. 

And there are SO MANY VARIATIONS! I ended up going with the classic 60's look for Felix and the Professor, a mix of the early original animated and later comic-book versions of Kitty, and for the backgrounds, I took inspiration from the 80's Felix the Cat video game. 

Because seriously trying to find detailed backgrounds in the Felix universe is like trying to find a life supporting planet outside of Earth.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Mickey Mouse Redesign

Far be it from me, on a usual basis, to redesign a Disney character but I couldn't help thinking up this idea for a modern take on Mickey and Minnie.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse are property of the Walt Disney Company.



Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Testing Clip Studio

 So after much study and recommendation, I broke down decided to buy 
Manga Stu... I' mean "CLIP STUDIO PAINT".

... PRO.

I decided on a test scenario to discover the various tools and posted each phase on Facebook as I completed them.
If you are thinking about buying Clip Studio PaintConsider this a review.
Here are the steps.


I heard that Clip Studio brush tips are the best at acting like real drawing implements.


I drew these two little forest creatures and I must say it was a little hard to get used to.
MAN, these things are pressure sensitive.
I can make the finest lightest strokes when I want to. And this is BEFORE I start making my own brush tips. I can't wait to see what I can do in the future with this program.
Ok, next up:



 The interesting thing about Clip Studio is that it contains both Raster and Vector capabilities in one program. The problem is the way it does so, treating all strokes (pencils, pens, brushes and sprays) exactly the same way as the Raster lines just with paths underneath them, WHICH, I suppose if you're a traditional artist and you want accurate pressure, with which to recreate a traditional drawing or painting, is exactly what you need.

I, on the other hand, like nice smooth clean lines to work with and did I mention that I can't draw a continuous line to save my life? And that's on a normal sheet of paper let alone a drawing tablet.
As you can see, the result was not pretty.

See in Adobe Illustrator I can use the pen tool to draw a lined path that immediately simplifies and smooths itself. I also created a brush tip that automatically. I had hoped this would be the same in Clip Studio but instead, it takes an experienced and extremely steady hand to get the lines nice and smooth and not all jagged. Unfortunately not my forte. I'm more of a penciler than an inker.
Next up: Coloring.

Oh yeah, and I made the Fox girl a squirrel instead.



OK, Before moving on to coloring in CLIP STUDIO PAINT, I discovered another group of vector tools. These work WAY better. Though they are slower. They use Click-by-click line creation. Not really drawing now, is it? Still, can't argue with the results.
This time I used a combination of the "Curve Figure" and "Continuous Curve" tools, then touched it up with the "Redraw Vector Line" tool.

Ok, NOW on to coloring. 



The final step. Rather resemblent of the way I used to color.

More than a little frustrating, I must admit. You can't fill in vector Layers like you can in Illustrator and for gosh sakes, is there really no way to smooth a selection in this program?

(Seriously if anyone knows the answer to this I would be more than grateful.)

Anyway, that's a wrap. We ended up with a raccoon and squirrel team of forest rangers.

In the end, I think they look very nice. The "Redraw Line" tool was rather useful as a visual tool. And who can help but love those 3D models for sketching?

Still, In the future think I'll end up using "Clip Studio" only for penciling. I'm going back to Illustrator for inking and my good old Photoshop for touch up and details. I can get that stuff done faster in those programs. 

Nice to have a new tool at my disposal though. I'll certainly be heading back for some more experience with those art pencil brush tips.

What do YOU think about CLIP STUDIO PAINT?